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Ask Emily, Part I

Hi Blue Dove friends,

We have a special treat for you this week!  Have you ever wondered what being a children's clothing designer is like?  What the best and most challenging parts of the design process are?  Or have you ever just been curious about our dear designer and owner extraordinaire, Emily Franke, and her favorite things?  If so, you've come to the right place!  I'm excited to introduce Part I of an ongoing blog post series called 'Ask Emily.'



How does this work?

Well, if you follow us on social media, search for the 'Ask Emily' post in our 'Blue Dove Love' Facebook group or on Instagram.  Find that post/thread and ask your questions!  (They can be Blue Dove related or just about Emily's life in general.)  If you are not active on social media, but would still like to participate, please send your questions to me at thenest@bluedovekids.com.  Be sure to keep an eye out throughout the year to see if your question is answered and to learn more about our favorite brand and the incomparable Emily Franke! 



Ask Emily Part I


Q: If you could branch out from designing children's clothing, what would you design?

EF: Wedding dresses!


Q: How many designs are currently in the works?

EF: 17!


Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure food and TV show?

EF: Candy or food?  I seriously have 10,000 guilty pleasure foods!  Without a doubt though, beef jerky is my first love!  I love to binge watch Netflix shows, so my favorite is always changing.  


Q: Will there ever be a skunk dress?

EF: Yes!


Q: How are you making it work with two jobs and a family?  

EF: It's tough, but I love to be busy and I LOVE to see your babies in my dreams!

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